Fresh Extracts

We start our extraction process within 24 hours of the harvest to ensure maximum potency. While most Ashwagandha producers choose to dry their plants before processing, we don't. Our urgency ensures retention of essential oils, delicate constituents, and antioxidants.

Whole Plant

Most Ashwagandha supplements contain only the dried root extract. We use both the fresh root, and the fresh leaves in our extract to ensure a full spectrum of bioavailable compounds. By focusing on the rich nutrient dense portions of the plant, we have no need to use chemicals or gasses for standardization. A fresh whole plant extract is the only way to ensure a balanced and and harmonious extract, delivering powerful results.


Spagyric refers to an ancient alchemical method of processing that involves extracting the mineral salts from plants. Following our primary and secondary extractions, we take the mark and burn it at an extremely high temperature. We mix the white ash with distilled water, which is then filtered and evaporated, yielding the pure mineral salts of Ashwagandha. These mineral salts are then reconstituted back into the tincture. 



Josh Fichera

Josh was born in Massachusetts and spent his early years exploring nature. He went on to study wellness and nutrition, focusing on personal training. In college he studied french and psychology, with a focus on neuroscience. He has been incorporating his functional knowledge of neuroscience towards his personal interest towards herbal medicine, health and wellness ever since. When he's not on the farm, or studying herbalism, he can be found in the kitchen, cooking healthy meals, or in the gym, helping others achieve their fitness goals. 

Laura Sharma

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Carlos Phillips

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